DfE user research community principle 6

We celebrate our work, and help others understand what we do

This principle is about advocating for user research in our teams, the department, and the wider world.

It means that we always work in the open and share our findings widely: seeking out opportunities to talk inside and outside the department about our methods, ways of working, and what we have tried and learned. We celebrate our triumphs, and the achievements of our colleagues. We are advocates for user research - and for the user research community in Department for Education.

How you know you're meeting this principle

As a user researcher at DfE, you’ll know you’re successfully doing this because:

  • People in your team can clearly articulate what your role is, and how you work
  • You have talked or presented at UR community or other showcases, about insights you’ve uncovered, or methods and ways of working you’ve used
  • You have talked or presented outside of DfE, about your work in the department
  • You're celebrating the great work done by other user researchers

How we support you

Right now, we help you to meet this principle with:

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